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Penang Road Cendol
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Yes, the famous Penang Road Cendol. I've heard people saying that your trip to Penang would never be complete without trying the famous Penang Road Cendol. I'm sure you are reading this now because you want to know, is it that good? How does it look like? How can I get there? Or just want to reminiscence the time you had it yourself.


Well, it just looks like any ordinary cendol. It contains the usual cendol jelly, santan, brown sugar and kidney beans. And of course crushed ice. WIth me staying in Penang, I usually go there whenever I'm nearby. I have to say that it is quite good. I feel that its quality is inconsistent, but that could be due to factors such as weather and my thirst the time I eat it. The ingredients they use are quite fresh. I would recommend it to visitors to Penang to try it out.

Besides cendol, they have Ais Kacang (ABC) which is pretty good as well. It contains crushed ice, the usual colouring and flavouring (syrup, evaporated milk), corn, "cin cau", some type of green jelly, and of course red kidney beans (kacang). The also serve some drinks, which I only remember them to be chrysanthemum, some leafy plant (which is said to give a cooling effect on a hot day), and a pink drink with jelly. I need to find out what they are.

Ais Kacang
Ais Kacang

There are 2 stalls located opposite to each other. Both claim to be the "Famous" Penang Road Cendol, but you can easily tell the "more" famous one. It is located beside Joo Hooi restaurant. The crowd can get really big on certain days, such as long holiday weekends, school holidays, or just a hot afternoon. Please note that you can have the cendol inside the restaurant, but you need to pay a surcharge of RM0.50 per bowl.

On a less busy day
On a less busy day

Phua Chu Kang was here
Phua Chu Kang was here

How to get there: It is located on Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Penang Road. It is a walking distance from Komtar and Prangin Mall. The landmark I can describe best is the 5-branch overhead pedestrian bridge. If you can't find it, just ask anyone and I'm sure they can point you right to it. Parking can be a little bit difficult. I suggest that you find any parking spot along Penang Road or near Komtar and walk.


Price (as of Sept 2007):
Cendol: RM1.50
Ais Kacang: RM1.70

The sign on the stall says that they have branches inside Giant outlets at Plentong Johor Jaya (Johor), Ulu Klang and Subang Jaya (Selangor)

Update on 9th Dec 2007: I have included a map to show the directions to the stall, plus some places to park your car

Map to Penang Road Cendol
Map to Penang Road Cendol



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dyana - in subang???   | 121.121.219.xxx | 2009-03-21 17:06:50
where can i find the one in Subang?? can i have the exact location??
aslam cendol corner - best cendol/aiskacang// rojak     | 115.135.151.xxx | 2010-04-06 23:06:24
Best Cendol ,Abc, Rojak passambor,mee rebus, meegorng mammak,the name of aslam keadi makan , near jalan station slim river, perak, 35800,malys.Ant brench TF value mart pasraya ,tangong malim . 016 5064185.
cendol geng - jangan kau curi cendol ku   | 110.137.85.xxx | 2010-10-02 01:52:00
sejak kapan anda memiliki cendol?? apa ke anda tak punye buaye sendiri?? apa ke anda tak malu dengan menyebut cendol is your culture?? don't copy my style man!!! cendol just from indonesia.. look at wilkipedia.. mangkanye, kalau nak klaim, liat dulu x.. jangan asal curi.. may be cendol di malaysia yang niaga tki asal indonesia (yg biasa budak malaysia sebot pendatang haram) tapi nape pak cik copy style pendatang haram? tak malu ke same dunia?? kalau nak balas, kirim ke my facebook ke!!!
malaysia is genuine - malaysia x curik, ok   | 115.134.187.xxx | 2011-03-19 23:49:45
have you check on wiki yet ?? or you just look ? look doesn't give you anything ok . read it . cendol is originated from southest area of Thailand . Muslims of Pattani Clan is the real what we call "founder" of cendol . clear ?? take a note - read it carefully & clearly .
Cendol Fan - Penang Famous Cendol at Jusco   | 60.50.74.xxx | 2010-10-18 04:56:35
Recently, I just found out there is a dessert stall inside the Jusco Bandar Sunway located at LG2, Arena Foodcourt, the cendol taste exactly same like the Penang Road Famous Cendol. Worth to try.
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