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Penang War Museum
Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 May 2015 )

Said to be the largest war museum in South East Asia, the Penang War Museum was once a British military fortress, later used as a prisoner camp by the Japanese.

War Museum
War Museum




Entrace to War Museum
Entrace to War Museum

The Penang War Museum (Muzium Perang Pulau Pinang) is located atop Bukit Batu Maung on the South-East of Penang island. Opened to the public in 2002, it was an original British military defence fortress built in the 1930s to protect the island from enemies in anticipation of World War 2.

Designed by British engineers and built by South Afircans, Indians, Nepalese, Prisoners-of-War and locals. It houses a canon-firung bay, anti-aircraft firing bays, sleeping quarters for soldiers, cookhouse, lockup ad command centre. Much of what you see today is very much in the same condition as when it was built. Most of the buildings and structures have stood the test of time.

One would also get and idea how the solder then lived. The barracks are designed according to rank. One set for British officers, others for British other ranks, Indians and Malays. You would get to see the toilet, which consists of a bucket secluded in a walled cubicle. Underground pipes supplied water from a well.

When the Japanese invaded in December 1941, it became a prisoner of war camp. It is dubbed Bukit Hantu (Ghost Hill / Haunted Hill) because hundreds of people brought there were beheaded.

A walk through the Penang War Museum somewhat brings a visitor back in time. There are numerous tunnels, where one can experience what it was like being a soldier then. Because it was also used as a prison, there is this spooky and eerie feeling surrounding the whole place.

The War Museum gives a unique experience to any visitor, and gives one an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For this type of place, the pictures speak more than anything else. So enjoy the photos!



Direction: It is located approximately 16km south of George Town on Penang island. Take what the locals call the Coastal Highway (Jelutong Expressway - Sungai Nibong Highway - Bayan Lepas Expressway) towards Batu Maung. Go straight for about 100m after the Batu Maung traffic light. You will see the entrance on your left. The road leading to the War Museum is a uphill and winding road.

GPS Coordinates: N 5º 16.867' E 100º 17.369'

Opening Hours: 9am-7pm Daily

Mortar Shell
Mortar Shell
Anti-aircraft Gun (replica)
Anti-aircraft Gun (replica)

Cooking Room
Cooking Room

Ammunition Hoist
Ammunition Hoist

4 Storey Explosive Dump
4 Storey Explosive Dump


Resting Place
Resting Place
Bullet Marks in the Prisoner Room
Bullet Marks in the Prisoner Room

Looking out from a tunnel
Looking out from a tunnel

Sex Slave (dummy)
Sex Slave (dummy)

Panoromic View
Panoromic View

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Noor Asyiqah Bt Abd Rahman - What a great place!!   | 60.51.86.xxx | 2008-12-12 14:00:11
Hello, Ika here.! I've been there for 2 times and it's still the same!! Fantastic.! And it's ranger, his name Prawito I think..He did a good job!! Congratulations!!
ayong - very the bez place     | 218.208.91.xxx | 2009-03-31 11:35:01
i"ve been there for 3rd time n i think it is really good place 2 do some research like us.
misswateva - i want do a research   | 115.132.3.xxx | 2009-09-03 21:23:09
it's have someone whose in charge at the museum..because i need to interview someone about this museum..it for my research.
someone   | 118.101.238.xxx | 2009-10-18 20:01:49
do it needs ticket?and may i know how much it's
PKP - Marvelous War Museum   | 203.82.79.xxx | 2009-11-02 22:09:25
I'd been at the museum before but once, it was so great full of shared experiences....maybe if I've another chance to be here again...who knows?
PKP   | 203.82.79.xxx | 2009-11-02 22:11:34
We can feel tha haunted feeling......
Jeanne   | 118.101.190.xxx | 2010-01-24 12:54:33
I have been there at year 2008 with school trip.
The workers at there said some ghost stories
At a night, when they want to go some place in the museum, they heard some 'thing' sound, 'they' had a party...
i also have touched the rifle gun...
that was so cool
i also saw some blood at there...
it was so creepy...
hikal - love it   | 202.58.86.xxx | 2010-03-18 14:20:47
i love it because it is a history place bye
cshong - error   | 60.50.31.xxx | 2010-03-19 10:30:18
3rd paragraph:
One would also get and idea how the solder then lived
^ Soldier not solder
Ruzie - Spooked   | 118.100.127.xxx | 2010-06-14 20:31:42
The war musuem is now open for nite tour. Definitely spooky! The lighting adds to the spooky ambience. Just thinking about the place now gives me the goosebumps. Experience of a life time!
ogy - interesting!!   | 202.170.60.xxx | 2010-12-14 13:14:49
hey, r u sure, that war museum is open at night????? wat's time? n how much ( ticket)?
Shocked War Historian - More fantasy than fact   | 60.48.116.xxx | 2010-08-16 09:01:26
The operators of the Penang South Channel Naval Gun Emplacement on Punjab Hill (today renamed the Batu Maung War Museum)have been playing fast and furious with the facts in order to 'entertain' visitors. A lot of the material displayed at the 'museum' was incorrect. I felt very sorry for the Indonesian tour guide on the night tours. He had been wrongly briefed and he in turn gave out wrong information to visiting tourists.
liyana - historical   | 175.144.201.xxx | 2010-12-08 20:24:16
i love go there!!!
i wish my parent bring me there at second time..
megdelene - interesting   | 182.63.65.xxx | 2011-06-15 15:55:28
i never been there before and this is the first time i went there with my teacher and my friends.the place was so interesting and very sad about the people who died . i wish i will go there again. it attaracted me...
ashok - ashok-puuki   | 203.82.92.xxx | 2011-10-23 17:49:23
very intresting and nice but quite scary..
brandon - foreign spooky   | 203.82.92.xxx | 2011-10-23 18:36:22
im so spooky when i was there..seriouly i see the japenese soldier when i was at sex slave chamber....
alex wong - visit to war museum   | 115.134.76.xxx | 2012-06-16 22:24:06
the first thing that put me off was the steep price of an entry ticket. RM20 per person is too much for a local to pay. kids have to pay RM10. if they want locals to appreciate history and to visit this place, they have to reduce the entry to RM10 for adults and RM5 for kids below 12. aside from this, how can the operator desecrate the historical significance of this place by having a paintball facililty here? also, there are no sound effects like air raid sirens or announcements of battle stations to simulate the war time tension experienced by the soldiers there; unlike Fort Siloso in Sentosa which has been restored complete with all these sound effects. some areas are also not opened to public and a particularly dangerous spot was where the under ground command room clims up a steep shaft onto the ground above to run to the anti aircraft emplacement. the opening at the top of the shaft should be barricaded to prevent people from falling into the shaft but will allow people to climb up and out easily. otherwise this place is generally authentic and the various quarters preserved except for the gun emplacements; no guns, not even a replica. they should also open the pill boxes for visitors to see what's inside.
noorfaizah harun   | 218.208.91.xxx | 2012-06-29 11:06:22
sape tau alamat lengkap muzium perang?
Orang Penang - wow   | 202.60.56.xxx | 2012-09-25 08:41:50
i never been there 4fore but i wish to go there
Alia Amirudin - Price   | 180.75.120.xxx | 2013-03-02 12:46:26
i would like to ask about the ticket price. if we are the students? what will the price would be? and for the teachers too? we going to have a school trips and want visits war museum.
Nur Nurul Nabila - best sangat!     | 14.1.193.xxx | 2014-04-11 09:10:21
nampak menyeramkan jer kan,, tapi bagi saya, ini semua perlu diteroka untuk dilihat sendiri bagaimana keadaannya.. bagi anda yang masih tercari-cari di mana lokasi untuk dilawati,saya syorkan muzium perang di pulau pinang ini!! selamat datang!!
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