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When one think of snow, one think of soft cold ice. Almost all ice kacang and cendol places I have been serves shaved ice which is rather coarse. So ‘soft’ does not come to mind when having ice kacang (and cendol).


This place, however, serves ice kacang in soft ice, a rarity. Eating the ice kacang feels like eating a sarsi clowd. Sarsi flavour is very evident and the ice was ‘soft as snow’ so to speak; but I would term it as soft as cotton; cotton candy.

Ais Kacang (ABC)
Ais Kacang (ABC)

Their ice shaver seems to be perpetually on when I was there and customer volume was low. I think their secret is to gently shave their ice so that it comes out in fine crystals rather than ice flakes.


Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Look out for stall number 22
Look out for stall number 22

Remarks: Care taken to shave ice to a soft smooth texture; surely worth the effort. A nearby shop which opens from 3.30pm onwards selling kuih seems very popular.

Kuih stall nearby seems popular
Kuih stall nearby seems popular

Location: Stall number 22 at the Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre / Food Court

GPS Location: N° 05 23.3525' E 100° 18.3770'

Getting there: Off Jalan Batu Lanchang, next to the Batu Lanchang market.

Keyword: Batu Lancang, Jelutong, Cendol, Chendol, ABC, Ais Kacang

Originally published at tasek.net on the 4th of April 2006. Re-published with permission.

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