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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 November 2016 )

Being a regular customer at the Passions of Kerala Banana Leaf Rice restaurant in Brown Garden, Gelugor, I decided to give the relatively new branch located at the New World Park a try.

Banana Leaf Rice Set with Fried Fish & Nescafe
Banana Leaf Rice Set with Fried Fish & Nescafe


I arrived early at the place, but it was not open yet. So, I had some cendol at the food court first. It opened at 12pm, and I was the first customer of the day. The place is air-conditioned, enough tables to accommodate about 50 people or so. I was given the menu, and boy the food looked really delicious in it. I wished I could order everything in it, but obviously I can't finish them all (not to mention it will burn a hole in my pocket). So I decided to order my regular stuff: Vegetarian set, Fried Fish and a glass of hot Nescafe. Instead of the normal white rice, I tried their tomato rice.

Inside the Shop
Inside the Shop

The vegetarian set comes with rice, 3 types of vegetables, pickled mango (can't remember the name in Tamil) on top of a banana leaf rice. Pappadam comes in a separate basket. Unlike the Gelugor branch, they serve the curry and gravy in 3 separate bowls: fish curry, chicken curry and dahl. It made the meal seem a little bit formal, so to speak.

So, how does it taste? I have to say, it tastes almost the same as the one in Gelugor. It has the same style of cooking. Even the fried fish seem to be marinated and fried the same way.

Overall, it more or less serves up the same delicious meal as the branch in Brown Garden, Gelugor. The place is air-conditioned and closed, so the air feels kinda stuffy and enclosed. The Gelugor branch seems to feel more airy and relaxed. There's also another catch. It is more expensive here at the New World Park branch! The vegetarian set costs RM5.50 (RM4.50 at the Gelugor branch), Fried Fish costs RM4.00 (RM3.50) and Nescafe costs RM2.20 (RM1.50). Unless you stay near to New World Park, I would suggest you might as well go to the branch in Brown Garden.

From Outside
From Outside

Address: 102-C-3 New World Park, 102 Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 604-227 2550 / 012-4388550

New World Park, once a theme park in the old days, was re-developed and is now a food centre with lots of restaurants. It is located at the junction of Jalan Burma (Burma Road), Lorong Swatow (Swatow Lane) and Jalan Hutton. Approximate GPS Coordinate: N°5 25.222' E100° 19.622'


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