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Masjid Tanah Cendol, Malacca
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Last Updated ( Friday, 08 March 2013 )

This cendol stall is located in the small town of Masjid Tanah, some 30km to the North-West of Malacca town. It is operated by an ex-army Malay man by the name of Wahab. Many tourists don't know about this place, but this place is crowded with locals. Are you willing to drive the distance to try it out? Let me tempt you.

Masjid Tanah Cendol
Masjid Tanah Cendol

I was told that some call this the "D-Mart cendol", as it is located right beside a grocery store by the name of D-Mart. It opens around lunch time till late afternoon. I don't know how to describe it, but it is one of those "moving stalls in a van" type of vehicle. There are several table around it.

The Stall
The Stall

Now, on to the cendol. It serves up the same stuff: cendol in santan (coconut milk), gula melaka and red beans. However, the cendol is slightly different. It is thick and a little bit crinkled. It is not the silky smooth and shiny ones that you usually get somewhere else. Also, unlike some others, they put the gula melaka at the bottom, so you really need to stir it up well.

So, how it tastes? Mmmmmm.......Mmmmmm...... It is really good. The gula melaka is thick and tastes good. The santan is fresh and at the right thickness. The cendol jelly is just nice and not too tough. And the bowl is pretty big as well. Eating two bowls might be enough for lunch.

Check out the amount of Cendol
Check out the amount of Cendol

This is easily among the best cendol in Malacca one can find, if not the best. It's hard to compare with the ones at Museum Cafe and Ole Ole Baba Nyonya, as they are different. But I would say it is worth to travel here, especially if you are from the North e.g. KL, Seremban and are on the way back from Malacca.

D-Mart, nearest landmark
D-Mart, nearest landmark

GPS coordinates: N 2° 21.137 E 102° 06.543

How to get there: Head towards Masjid Tanah. From Malacca town, as you arrive at the traffic lights in Masjid Tanah, turn right and the stall is on your right after about 150m. (see map)

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ariff   | 58.26.50.xxx | 2009-01-29 11:25:09
Yess. I have tried the cendol and it's really tasty. He is using fresh santan and does not mix his gula melaka with sugar. The business start from 11am to 3pm.But must be there early coz by 3pm all gone oredy.
silent.informant - question   | 118.101.212.xxx | 2009-06-26 16:59:11
is this stall open on sundays?
wan   | 219.94.42.xxx | 2010-11-01 17:09:52
yezza..the perfect cendol ever. go there and try!
roy   | 219.95.214.xxx | 2011-04-12 17:13:39
aku tinggal sana pun tak pernah try hehehe....nak kena test ni
Jess - Will try!   | 202.65.245.xxx | 2011-07-19 12:11:30
Goin to malacca soon n will drop by b4 hitting the hotel. Hope he's open on a sat!
Siti - My home town....   | 202.176.218.xxx | 2011-08-17 14:30:58
Yes the best cendol in town. very cheap... be more specific--> infront KFC

the stall open every day...
Siti mai - Yezzzaaaa   | 175.136.247.xxx | 2012-04-26 13:09:51
The cendol is not bad compared to the one most popular there earlier which was started by an Indian uncle beside the market. However for your info the cendol pakcik is not from Masjid Tanah nor Melaka, the best story is he's from Kedah.....he he he...whatever...u guys must try it....
naza   | 175.137.175.xxx | 2012-06-01 09:13:10
i know that stall....i've been living in sungai udang and i didnt know about it....but we always go to the one in lereh.....
kim     | 202.67.40.xxx | 2014-04-30 14:50:00
cendol emang enak...seger
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