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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 July 2018 )

I previously purchased a prepaid Hotlink Broadband SIM Card a few years ago. At that time, it was a very good deal, especially as a backup broadband SIM card. It costs RM45 for 2GB of data and is valid for a year. Unlike the standard Hotlink prepaid, I don't need to topup in order to keep the line active.

Some time later, without any official announcement, Hotlink changed the plan slightly. While the 2GB for RM45 plan is still available, however this time I needed to keep my line active by topping up regularly or purchasing the Hotlink 365 plan which keeps the line active for a year. I can't remember exactly how much it costs but using today's price, it costs RM33.

Recently, some time in early 2018, I received a notification that my Hotlink Broadband plan will be automatically converted to Hotlink FAST plan, whether I liked it or not. At that time, the standard Hotlink plan that one would get when purchasing a new SIM package is the Hotlink RED plan. Therefore, it was a little bit difficult to get more information about the Hotlink FAST plan since the official Hotlink website only give details about the current Hotlink RED plan.

So I was thinking, what is the difference between the Hotlink FAST and HotlinK RED plans. After doing more research, one can actually find details about the Hotlink FAST plan, but the information is only listed in the T&C page. The following table is the comparison between both plans, as of July 2018.

Disclaimer: This information is based on what I can find on the internet, and may not be entirely accurate. The information is also subject to change at Hotlink's prerogative. This is only meant to be a rough guide.

Based on the comparison table, the Hotlink FAST is much superior compared to the RED plan. The main advantage of the FAST plan is that you get 2GB 4G/LTE weekend data for life (supposedly) and you will also have free calls to 5 Hotlink FRIENDZ. The internet passes for both plans are practically the same and both can purchase the Hotlink Red Passes which comes with Unlimited Local Calls and Free 1GB Happy Hour everyday.

So if you ever get asked to convert to the Hotlink RED plan, I suggest you don't as you will lose your free 2GB Weekend Data.

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