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Where is the best rojak in Damansara? I usually get 3 answers: 1)Behind Hock Lee in Damansara Heights, 2)Damansara Utama, 3)Damansara Jaya (Atria)

My personal preference is for the first 2, they are almost the same, but I have a preference for the Damansara Utama version.

Serving of Rojak
Serving of Rojak

I find the Atria version rather watery and for my take away order, they served in plastic bags. Not a very good option. The other 2 served in Styrofoam containers. It was not a pleasant experience eating the rojak on the go in plastic bags. I poked myself a few times with the wooden skewer that penetrated the plastic bag on to my hand. This also created holes in the fragile plastic bag, which content was rather watery, which flowed out of the hole easily, which made my hand dirty… blah… blah blah… you get the idea… Used more tissue paper than there was rojak.

I find the concoction rather sweet and fruity for my liking. As a matter of fact, I did not finish the packet, albeit a small one.

Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Value: 4/10

Remarks: RM 2.70 for a small pack. Some people make drive-thru orders. My preference is for Damansara Utama stall, better value, better taste.

Motorbike Sidecar
Motorbike Sidecar

Location: N 03° 07 619' E 101° 37 014'

Getting there: Just outside Atria Shopping Center, beside a food center. Opposite House of Languages.

Originally published at tasek.net on the 8th of January, 2007. Re-published with permission.

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