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Teak Wood Furniture At The Majesteak.

Teak wood furniture IS long been recognized as the best performing timber for Indoors as well as outdoor furniture. Because of this, Majesteak stocks a wide range of teak furniture products. Teak wood furniture is an ideal material for use in an outdoor dining area and is used for products such as indoor and outdoor sofas, sun loungers, daybeds and all other living furniture. All of our teak collections utilize Indonesian plantation teak, which a minimum of 40 years of age, and from ecological plantations.

Whether you are from Malaysia, India, England or Australia, Majesteak Living can provide you with your ultimate teak wood furniture. Its natural oils makes teak an extremely durable timber that has become much sought after around the globe for a variety of purposes, including outdoor furniture. A further indication of premium teak outdoor furniture is the type of joints in evidence. Majesteak uses only mortise and tenon joints that are held together with high quality glue and teak dowels. Mitred joins are strengthened with thick aluminium supports.


A–grade teak refers to a select section of teak heartwood, found at the center of the teak log. It is the most mature part of the log, which features high grain density and is rich in natural oils.

Zero maintenance

The natural oil and smooth grain of A-Grade teak ensure that no re-oiling or other specific maintenance is necessary to keep your furniture impervious to water, rot, and insects. It is simply a matter of general cleaning.

Warm honey colour, or silvery-grey patina?

As it ages, teak develops a silvery-grey patina. Some love it, while others choose to restore its original warm honey color.

5-Year Guarantee

Every thoughtful step we take in designing, producing, packaging and selling our products all add up to our standard and our promise to provide a 5-year guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting the product you deserve for years to come.

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