Community Recycle for Charity (CRC)

CRC stands for Community Recycle Charity (CRC). It is an NPO, Charity organization founded on the year of 2007 with the aim to serve communities by helping those who are in need regardless of neither race nor religion.

CRC is composed of young professionals who are determined to make our communities a better place with strength and integrity to bring about welfare for the needy in our communities through the work of recycling.

We exist to play a proactive role to serve the needy in our communities by means of environmental friendly practices of "RECYCLING". It is our aim to be the VOICE of those in need, the ANSWER from those who are more fortunate.

CRC envisions growing and becoming as one of the world�s leading generous Charity organization in the world. It is our vision to generate ripples of love, happiness & hope for the abandoned, the deprived, the abused, the sick and disadvantaged all around the world. We�re also dedicated to support community and school projects worldwide; to make life better and bring hope to those that are less fortunate in life.

Our GOAL is to connect you with charities that you care about in the most convenient, reliable and in as secure manner as possible. We�re not limited to one type of Charity because we want to serve everyone that needs help and we want to involve anyone who wants to help.

No. 47, Ground Floor, Jalan Desa Cahaya, Taman Desa Caha, 56000, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras

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