MBRS Training

MBRS Training

We have curated the training service designed to provide information and tutorials to all users of MBRS. Learn from us as we help you prepare for financial statements submission or just to learn how MBRS works.

Our training sessions feature live demos of the system so you can see how it works throughout the session. We will strive to answer any questions you may have as all trainers were trained and groomed in-house under the OMESTI group. As an add-on, all our attendees will also have exclusive access to post-session technical support with OMESTI.

MBRS is a digital financial reporting standard that will be available in the near future for all Malaysian companies to use when filing annual reports and financial statements.

MBRS was developed with the guidance and regulations set in place by SSM. Omesti is working closely with SSM to further enhance MBRS, making it as user-friendly as possible.


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