Urban Groove Dance Network

Urban Groove Dance Network
Urban Groove Dance Network Identity The Urban Groove Dance Network(UGDN) is a locally based network of academies focused on providing professional classes for Urban and Street Dance Styles. Here at Urban Groove, we believe in viewing Urban and Street Dance as a unique form of art and aim to educate and encourage individuals to positively express this form of dance. The Urban Groove Dance Network has established itself as the leading street and urban dance styles school in Malaysia since 2004, pioneering the introduction of street dance here and also setting the standard of ORIGINALITY and QUALITY. The Founder of Urban Groove Dance Network

The Urban Groove was founded by Joel Tan in 2004 as an official dance studio. Joel Tan currently is an accreditated dance teacher with a registered certificate from the United Kingdom Alliance(UKA) in the area of Hip Hop and Street Styles. Joel Tan is the pioneer of the original street and urban dance styles in Malaysia and is one of the very earliest to receive the street dance teaching certification. He is arguably the most versatile urban and street style dancer in Malaysia, with the ability to teach, perform and freestyle all the types of street styles from Hip Hop, New Styles, Breaking, Locking, Poppin, House, and Krump. Joel now plays the role of trainer of teachers, providing training not only to his staff but also to his affiliated studios at different regions around Malaysia. Apart from that, he provides talks and seminars at different studios in Malaysia and abroad on topics relating to street dance such as history, description, choreography and career paths in dance. Despite retiring from the competitive scene, Joel is still currently very active as a dancer not only as a trainer but judge, event promoter and businessman.

No:45-3, Jalan PJS11/28B, 46150, Bandar Sunway, Selangor

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