Art Genius Creative

Art Genius Creative

In Art Genius, we offer a wide range of art enrichment courses, where the students are exposed to visual art, mixed media coloring, glass painting, acrylic painting, crafts, group activities and games, and so on to help them develop a solid foundation of creativity as well as creating awareness and promote interest in art.

As we believe every student should be guided according to their individual’s learning ability and perception level, there will be no fixed syllabus and every student will be given different artwork each class, which is suitable for them. Besides, they are also given opportunities to express their ideas and imagination during their classes, which in turn will help them produce their own UNIQUE artwork even though they are given the same tasks.

Basically, our art courses can be categorized into the following:

a) Little Artist (3 – 12 years old)

b) Youth Artist (13 – 17 years old)

c) Adult Artist (18 years old and above)

d) Holiday Program and Workshop (Seasonal)

Besides the art courses, we also provide a special channel for everyone to express themselves in art. Even if you are looking for a new and creative way of hosting your corporate events or private functions, we would also be able to help you. (Click here to find out more)

Interested to enroll yourself or your children in our art courses?

Sign up now by visiting our art center here or contact us directly (012-227 2977 / 016-555 4357) for more information.

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