Eslim Beauty Therapy Bukit Tinggi Klang

“Everything begin from the heart, whatever we are doing, we do it wholeheartedly.”

Eslim founder, Ms. Shirlie Eng has always maintained a simple principle in her life, in her salon, that is at any time, give all we have sincerely.

Ms. Shirlie Eng has always wanted everyone who’s in her salon feels at home; where everyone can be themselves and fully relax. She also believes that women has always been unique & extraordinary; women is the pillar of strength of her husband, a role model of her kid, at the same time a professional icon at her workplace. Most of the women have spare all their love and dedication to create a wonderful life for everyone but herself. Ms. Shirlie Eng wants every single women to paint their life with their soul, in order to bloom and shine from the inside out and live out the art of life.

Here in Eslim, we believe the beauty of our hearts is faith. We value all aspects of life to create an exquisite way of life. In Eslim, we live by six philosophies: Wholehearted, Happiness, Caring, Empathy, Attentive and Patient, all these are practiced daily in Eslim and has also become part of our daily life.

Get ready to embark on this beautiful journey with Eslim and feel and celebrate your life’s work.

Eslim, dedicated on your beautiful life.

58, Lorong Batu Nilam 21A, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2 , 41200, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
03-3326 2151

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