Premier Grass

Premier Grass

Premier Grass is a gaining popular product substituting natural grass that can be used outdoor exposing to outdoor weather and sun on a long-term basis. It comes with 6 year warranty.

Suitable for lawns, gardens, backyards, residential as well as business compounds, Premier Grass allows landscape lovers to enjoy perfectly maintained grass all year round, without the need to look after them monthly.

Premier Grass can be used outdoor and indoor requiring NO maintenance to keep looking green all year round come rain or shine.

It is also environmentally friendly as there is no harmful pesticides, de-weeding, mowing, mud traffic and water wastage.

Additionally, Premier Grass is pet-friendly, resistance to pests thus is more hygienic and therefore safer for children.

Premier Grass product categories are as follow :-

� 30mm Grass is suitable for outdoor landscaping, because it looks more realistic and natural, especially under the sunlight. It will stand up on its own after expose to sunlight.

� 20mm grass is suitable for gardening , landscaping and indoor office lot flooring

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